Chairman Statement

CITIC Group, founded in 1979, has been a pioneer in China's economic reforms and opening-up to the rest of the world, by introducing overseas capital, technological know-hows and managerial expertise to China. It has also been a trailblazer in China's endeavor to transit to a market-oriented economy, contributing to China's economic development and building up good reputation at home and abroad. Currently CITIC has grown into a large global multi-business group and the biggest conglomerate of China.


The development path of CITIC Group is an epitome of Chinese economic growth. We are still exploring the best way to tap CITIC's advantages and resources to better serve the development of Chinese economy and society. In August, 2014, CITIC Group injected its majority assets into CITIC Pacific, its Hong Kong-listed subsidiary, which was sequentially renamed as CITIC Limited (HK:00267). Through such reform initiatives, we aim to make more contributions to deepen the SOE reform and advance socialist market economy.


As the world economy is still amid weak recovery and Chinese economy has entered into the “New Normal”, CITIC Group is faced with opportunities as well as challenges from both home and abroad. As a state asset management company whose mission is to implement national strategies, we will continue to advance reforms on all fronts. Our business approach will be value-oriented while putting the interest of our customers first. We will optimize our business portfolio, establish our footholds in new economy, stimulate innovation in operational structure, management mechanism and business models. Our mission is to provide one-stop services to our customers, maximize returns for our shareholders, create a platform for our staff where they could unleash their full potential. Meanwhile, we will perform our corporate social responsibilities to better serve China's all-round, coordinated and sustainable development.


This website will serve as a window for you to know more about CITIC, its past, present and its future.