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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of Chin

2015-02-11 10:45:00

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC (MIIT) verified and approved CITIC Group's(the Group) application to establish its office of registries for top-level domains of “.citic” and “. 中信”. In January, 4,2015, MIIT issued The Reply of Approving CITIC Group's Application of the Establishment the Office of CITIC Top-level Domain Registries for “.citic” and “.中信”. (Telecommunications Administration BureauLetter of MIIT[2015] No.4)

After obtaining licenses for the operation of “.citic” and “.中信” respectively in December, 2013 and January and to meet the requirements of MIIT, the Group was soon engaged in applying license for top-level domain operation in Chinese Mainland. With the guidance and support of the leadership of the Group, the application was timely filed and passed the preliminary document check after several round of revisions. Having gone through a Q&A session, the Group was finally granted the license, ranking itone of the first enterprises that operate new generic top-level domains (GTLD).GTLD is now gathering steams worldwide, which greatly replenishes the dwindling domain resources and expands the growing space for China's internet sector. To safeguard its sound and stable operation, MIIT tightened its regulation on GTLD in a bid to maintain the market order. For CITIC Group,obtaining the license carries a great amount of significance, as it will expand its business scope and marks as a milestone for the Group's permitted entry into China's internet sector.

CITIC Group will push forwardthe operation and the management of “. citic” and “.中信” in an active and steady mannerand is dedicated to making them renowned domain names so as to elevate the brand and core value of CITIC. (Information Management Department)


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