Engineering Contracting

Engineering contracting business is dedicated to meeting the comprehensive needs of our clients. Projects undertaken include the development of infrastructure, housing, municipal and industrial facilities as well as environmental protection initiatives in both China and international markets.

CITIC Construction

While expanding business in China, CITIC Construction, with presence in Africa, Latin America and countries along the Belt and Road, has been expanding into developed countries like the UK. In addition to infrastructure, housing, municipal and industrial facilities, the company has established presence in agriculture, energy and resources sectors. Over the years, CITIC Construction has delivered many projects that contributed greatly to the local communities, and brand image and reputation for Chinese enterprises.

CITIC Engineering

CITIC Engineering is focusing on urbanization and environment related business. It is specialized in conducting investment, construction and operation business in engineering, municipal infrastructure and environmental protection, and providing customers with consultation, planning, investigation, design, investment and financing, as well as design-led EPC services. CITIC Engineering has two well-known design and research institutes--- the Central and Southern China Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute and CITIC General Institute Architecture Design and Research.