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Other Businesses

Other businesses cover information services, sale of motor vehicles, food distribution and logistics, publishing, infrastructure, environmental protection, modern agriculture, general aviation and medical care.

Information Services

CITIC Telecom International, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, is an Internet-based telecommunications enterprise providing comprehensive services. The Company’s business scope covers mobile, internet, international telecommunications and enterprise solutions, as well as fixed-line services across Greater China, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. It also holds a 99% equity interest in Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau, S.A.R.L. (CTM). CTM is one of the leading integrated telecommunications services providers—and the only full telecommunications services provider—in Macau. 

Asiasat is engaged in the leasing and sale of satellite transponders, broadcasting, communications and data uploading, as well as downloading services. In September 2019, the company was privatized and delisted from The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. It is now a 50-50 joint venture of CITIC and The Carlyle Group.

CITIC Digital Media Network invests and operates businesses such as cable TV, smart city, hard technology, convergence media, the Internet and TV media information service, as well as satellite transponder renting. It is a resource integration and fusion innovation platform in technology media communication (TMT).

CITIC Network, with basic telecom business operation qualification approved by China, is one of China’s basic telecom business operators. The company, with the basic telecommunication licenses of “Chinese Internet data transmission business” and “Chinese communication facility service business”, can legally construct and operate long-distance backbone transmission network, and operate backbone transmission business of Internet data.



CITIC Industrial Investment invests and manages ports and port terminals as well as regional developments in China, and has interests in Hong Kong's Western Harbour Tunnel via CITIC Pacific.


General Trading

Dah Chong Hong Holdings is engaged in the distribution and sale of motor vehicles and associated services, food and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), healthcare and electrical products, as well as the provision of logistics services. As the distribution partner of over 1,000 brands in more than 30 countries and regions, DCH offers a wide range of supply chain solutions across Asia Pacific.


Environmental Services

CITIC Environment is CITIC's specialized investment and operational platform for environmental protection. Its scope of business covers three major sectors, namely water treatment, hazardous waste and solid waste treatment, and energy saving services. The company acquired Singapore United Envirotech, Ltd. in 2015 and renamed it CITIC Envirotech. It has a whole industry chain business model that covers EPC, membrane technology and water investment and operation, as well as world-leading membrane R&D, manufacturing and process integration technology. In 2018, CITIC Environment continued to increase its shareholding in Sanfeng Environment, helping expand its business of power generation through household waste burning both at home and abroad. In January 2020, CITIC Envirotech was privatized and delisted from the Singapore Exchange, after which CITIC’s stake in CITIC Envirotech increased from 56.36%to 72.78%.


Modern Agriculture 

CITIC Agriculture is committed to building a globally competitive agri-tech business with a focus on the latest developments in agricultural science and technology. It is also involved in biological seed development, in line with its “technology-oriented, finance- driven, management-based” approach.

CITIC Agriculture is the largest shareholder of Long Ping High-Tech (SZ: 000998) and holds a 16.67% stake in Beijing Capital Agribusiness. Besides, CITIC Agriculture, along with CITIC Agri Fund , has acquired 30% of China Agricultural Vet Biology and Technology Co.. Following the completion of several key projects, CITIC Agriculture has become a seed-breeding tech company in China with expertise in plant breeding, animal breeding, and animal health operations. In 2019, CITIC Agriculture took a controlling interest in Huazhi Bio, a company focused on molecular breeding, germplasm improvement, bioinformatics and product testing, to form a wholly-owned subsidiary, CITIC Agricultural Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



With a complete set of publishing and distribution licenses granted by NPPA,CITIC Press is principally engaged in book publishing and distribution, digital publishing and retail sales through its bookstores. 

In July 2019, CITIC Press was listed on the ChiNext board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE: 300788). Also during the year, the company expanded its revenue stream by adding other forms of digital content, such as audio and video, to its e-book offerings in order to meet market demand and adapt to trends in digital publishing.


General Aviation

CITIC Offshore Helicopter, (COHC) operates a full-service general aviation business and focuses on businesses such as helicopter service for offshore petroleum and other general aviation flight services. COHC remained a leader in offshore oil-related helicopter flight services in terms of market share. It is the only supplier of helicopter pilots in ports across the country, and also the only general aviation company that engages in offshore oil-related flights. CITIC Offshore Helicopter is a Shenzhen Stock Exchange-listed company (SZSE: 000099).



CITIC Medical & Health Group mainly offers specialized and comprehensive medical services in assisted reproduction, medical cosmetology, and medical and health care service, health management and medical distribution.

CITIC Europe 

CITIC Europe Holdings a.s. and its parent company Rainbow Wisdom Investments are fully owned by CITIC group. As CITIC’s investment platform based in Czech Republic, CITIC Europe, together with its interested partners, is exploring business opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe and regions beyond.