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Real Estate

The company focuses on the development, sale, operation and management of commercial real estate, particularly the development of large complexes. It also indirectly participates in the development of the housing market by holding equities in developers.

CITIC Pacific Properties

CITIC Pacific Properties is devoted to property development such as the urban complex, high-end business, qualified residence, and the project mainly concentrates in Shanghai and cities in the Yangtze River Delta, including Lujiazui Harbour City, CITIC Square, CITIC Mansion and CITIC Pacific Youyicheng, and continues to expand to major cities such as Wuhan, Guangzhou, Jinan and Nanjing.

CITIC Urban Development & Operation

CITIC Urban Development & Operation focuses on urban development and operation business, and, with the help of financial innovation, coordinates the development of real estate and industry operation, providing package solutions from planning and design, investment and financing, industry guiding, infrastructure construction, property development and asset operation for urban regional development. It aims to build a new urban center, driving urban regional economic transformation and upgrading as well as keeping continuous prosperity development.

CITIC HEYE Investment

CITIC HEYE Investment mainly engages in engineering consulting, project investment, property management, general contracting of construction, professional contracting, economic information consulting and property development. It is responsible for the development and operation of Beijing CITIC Tower.

CITIC Asset Operation

CITIC Asset Operation, with office building business as its focus, manages landmark office buildings such as Capital Mansion and International Tower. It adopts an asset-light operation and continues to expand its services to pension, apartment and logistics property. It acquires existing assets by moderate fund leverage to obtain multiple benefits of management and capital.

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