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CITIC Limited's manufacturing business mainly includes the manufacture of specialty steel, lightweight automotive parts and heavy machinery and specialized robotics, with a leading market position both at home and abroad.


Special Steel

CITIC Pacific Special Steel is one of the largest dedicated manufacturer of special steel, with an annual production capacity of 13 million tons. Through Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel, Daye Special Steel, Qingdao Special Steel , Jingjiang Special Steel, and one coking coal plant in Tongling and another iron ore processing plant in Yangzhou, the company supplies special steel products to customers in the auto components, energy, machinery manufacturing, oil and petrochemical, transport, shipbuilding and other industries, covering China and more than 60 other markets, including the US, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia.


Automotive Parts

CITIC Dicastal offers products including aluminum wheels and lightweight cast components for powertrains, chassis and body systems. It has 26 manufacturing facilities across China, the United States, Europe and Africa, with a total annual production capacity of 69 million aluminum wheels and 90,000 tons of aluminum castings. With a strong commitment to the R&D of lightweight solutions and commercial application of new materials, CITIC Dicastal is striving to lead the future of the auto and rail transport industries.


Equipment Manufacturing

CITIC Heavy Industries, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE: 601608), engages in R&D and manufacturing industrial technology, complete set of process technology and high-tech equipment, providing customers with integrated solutions such as heavy equipment, key basic hardware and spare parts service, engineering complete set, robot and intelligent equipment. Its main production facilities are located in Luoyang, Henan; Tangshan, Hebei; and Vigo, Spain. Kaicheng Intelligence, a subsidiary of CITIC Heavy Industries, has launched five series of over 30 specialized robot products widely used in firefighting, municipal, power plants, mining, oil refining operations and other scenarios.